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Family Winery Since 1848 in Jerusalem

MOSCATO מוסקטו 

יינות מוסקטו הינם מבעבעים   קלות עם מתיקות מעודנת.

Zion Winery



The Moscato label has lightly sparkling, low alcohol wines  with a subtle sweetness.


The Palace label offers entry level, value  wines that are accessible in taste and price.

מוסקטו לבן.jpg
מוסקטו אדום.jpg
בלנד לבן - פאלאס.jpg
בלנד אדום - פאלאס.jpg


The Imperial label is the popular premium brand offering fresh, fruity, vibrant wines.

סובניון בלאן.jpg
ריזלינג - גוורץ.jpg
קברנה סוביניון.jpg
קברנה מרלו.jpg
רוזה 2020 אימפריאל small.jpg


The Estate label is mid-premium, offering quality wines which very good value.

Estate Chardonnay 2020_Print PNG.jpg
ESTATE Muscat Hamburg Mockup_Print.jpg
Estate Merlot 2020_Print.jpg
Estate Cabarnet Sauvignon 2020_Print.jpg
Estate C.Sauvignin Semi Sweet 2020_Print.jpg
Estate Shiraz 2020_Print.jpg


Zion Winery is owned and managed by the Shor family, known as the first wine family in Israel with a heritage of over 170 years in the wine industry. Their family winery was founded in 1848 in the Old City of Jerusalem. Later the winery changed its name to Zion Winery, which emphasized both the winery's and family’s connection to Jerusalem.


In the 1980’s, the winery moved to Mishor Adumim, not far from Jerusalem. Under the management of the late Moshe Shor, the winery was refurbished with the latest, new technology and the winery grew to become the sixth largest winery in Israel.

Zvika Shor, the winery's winemaker, continues the winemaking tradition passed down from his father. Zvika manages the winery's vineyards planted in a variety of wine regions in Israel, from Ramat Arad in the northern Negev to the Golan Heights. Pini Sarig, the well-known viticulturist, is a consultant, accompanying Zvika Shor from the planting of the vineyards through to the harvest.

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